tumblr is so comforting

the same people on your dash every day

posting nice things

no pressure of conversation

they’re just there

with their little icons and stuff

i love the internet.

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I may not be a perfect person but at least I have never yelled at an employee in a store

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im crey kai raise his hand to taemin to do their handshake in pretty boy but taemin trolled him and did the scissor sign in korean rock paper scissor (가위 바위 보) to beat him…just what to do with this kid…



priceless reaction from jongin lol

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I see Pacific Rim and I just can’t resist. Based on the teaser poster.,

  • me: im so bored
  • me: i have nothing to do
  • me: i wish i had something to do
  • basic responsibilities: yo
  • me: not u
  • me: anyway
  • me: im so bored
  • me: i have nothing to do
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Error (Vocal Ver)

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Born hater.
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ʙᴀᴄᴋ ɪɴ ᴛɪᴍᴇ; 8 / ?

I wish we could go back in time when everyone was happy and everything was perfect, however, we have to face the truth and live life as it is and to its fullest. Luhan, you were the light of my life and I will never forget you. We all deserve to find happiness and live the life of our dreams. I hope you can smile everyday because your smile is what I depend on to survive, it is the most pure thing in this world.

To my dearest deer, I let you go so that you can be the best you can be ;u;.


Tbh money would solve all of my problems right now like I could move out and pay for school and take care of my mental health and overall I would just be happy and in a better place so I get really annoyed when people are like “money can’t make you happy” uh you obviously never experienced financial instability and dependence so please shut the fuck up you pretentious shit.

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